Thursday, December 1, 2011

A few links on "meritocracy, justice and equality of opportunity"

Every academic should be at least as earnest as Mr. Gelman

Now should those who are more "talented" get more?

Andrew Gelman sketches his concerns:

I am bothered when pundits such as Zingales set up a self-contradictory ideal which conflates accidents of birth, talent, achievement, success, riches, and power—not to mention “hard work” and “virtue.” We all know that these traits don’t always go together in the real world, but it’s also a mistake to think that they could all go together. As a political scientist, I think it’s important to use my (small) megaphone to remind people of this and to correct people when they’re confused about it.

If you are interested in the topic, John Roemer has a "nice" theory about it:

You can also read the comments on his proposal in the Boston Review (it has received a lot of attention in academic circles, I just provide a link of "general interest")

Of course this is one of many, I just happen to be more familiar with it.

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